KoolPlaya 1.3

KoolPlaya is a free audio, CD, DVD and video player for Windows
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KoolPlaya is a free audio, CD, DVD and video player for Windows. Using it, you will be able to play most audio files (MP3, MPG, WAV, MID, OGG and more), most video files (MPG, AVI, WMV, MPEG and more) and even music CDs or video DVDs. You can use the program to save the loaded files with different names. During playback, you can rewind or forward using the mouse wheel, or you can increase or decrease the volume with the - and + buttons on the NUMPAD. You will also be able to mark points in the media being played, and jump to those points directly. During video playback, the program can adjust the size of the screen or directly show the video in full screen. The program can take snapshots of the video being played, and save them in JPG or BMP format. If the video has any subtitle associated, this program can display them as well. You can set the program to repeat the files in a loop. KookPlaya allows you to use different DirectShow filters, eighteen different languages, associate different video or audio formats to be opened with the program or set the program to stay on top.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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